Creating a collaborative datasets curation economy


Decentralized governance, Web3 data marketplaces and Incentive mechanism design


DataDAO is a new way to source dataset per market demand.
It leverages a full stack of web3 technology to facilitate a new kind of data marketplace 

Reversing the value stack – Many to One data marketplace

The Vision of DataDAO

An infrastructure of collaboration for the data economy

DataDAO mission is to allow the pooling of data assets into a meaningful and valuable dataset that it’s value is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

DataDAO is in a mission to lay the foundations to a fairer and more inclusive value distribution between users and data owners, to data consumers. 

DataDao can serve Data Scientists when they are struggling in get the data they need. 

DataDAO vision

Web3 Powered Innovation

DataDAO project use decentralized technology to create a new Data economy, combining primitives from three emerging diciplens – the triple DDD – Data MArketplace of Ocean Protocol, DeFi & incentive mechanism design, and DAO’s – decentralized Autonoumous organizations, levergaing the DAOstack tech stack.


Data Buyers

Anyone in need for a specific and unique dataset is able to open a request, define requierments, the expected payout he is willing to pay for a dataset, and release it for anyone to contribute.

Data Provider

Anyone can contribute to the creation of a dataset by uploading records. the data is being held encrypted and non-custidal at any point in time, until someone is buying the access to the complete dataset.

A Data DAO

A DataDao is the swarm of data providers. They can emerge and dissolve to curate specific data requests. The DataDao govern over the combined Dataset, which enables the data providers to grow and further expend it through discussions and collective decision making, at scale

The DataDAO Market

DataDao Market is the two sided marketplace where data requestors can ask contributors to a request for unique dataset

Launch Campaign - DataDAO Wiki's

Join the first ever DataDAO campaign, contribute to create OceanLists and earn $$$ and Tokens