Data Requestor ask for information (i.e – 500 twitter threads and discussion around ocean and the web3 data economy, json format )and stake 50$ DAI. 

Upon submission of this request, a DataDAO ‘OL72’ is opened – a DAO instance is created on DAOstack.

Providers submit links for this request. Effectively they are minting and sending datatoken into the DataDao vault.

 In return the DAO sends DataPool tokens which represent his financial stake in the Datapool, and REP which represent voting rights in the DAO that governs the combined Dataset

Phase 3 – Data requestor With a metamask authentication buy the access the Datatokens held in the DAO and download the aggregated data (in the format of contribution – could be a .json file, csv, or any format asked by the data requestor)

Phase 4 – Data providers redeem their holding from the DAO and  can now get their proportional claim on the DAO treasury against sending his REP.